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Spay Package For DOG (FEMALE): Small Dog, below 15kg


1. Pre-Operation Examination (confirm surgery may proceed) -No Charge

2. Blood Tests

· Complete Blood Count (CBC)

· Pre-Operation (Pre-Anesthetic) Biochemistry Test

3. Pre-Op Anesthetic

4. Gas Anesthesia during surgery

5. Spay (ovariohysterectomy) surgery

6. Monitoring during surgery (Pulse oximeter, blood pressure, respiratory)

7. Absorbable Sutures

8. Pain Management

9. Antibiotic Injections

10. Grade III Post Operation Care

11. One Overnight Pre-Operation Observation - No Charge

12. Post-Operation Re-check Examination - No Charge

13. Post-Operation Home Care Instructions


Additional Post-Surgery Items for Purchase:

1. Medication to go home

2. E-Collar

3. Post-Surgery Recovery Diet


PLEASE NOTE: Additional charges will apply if animal is in heat (in estrus) or pregnant.


绝育(母狗)手术 15公斤以下小型犬



1. 免费术前检查(确认可进行手术的宠物)

2. 血检:



3. 术前麻醉

4. 呼吸麻醉

5. 子宫卵巢切除术

6. 生命监护仪(血压、心跳、呼吸、血氧)

7. 可吸收的缝线

8. 疼痛处理

9. 注射抗生素药

10. 三级术后照顾

11. 免费整晚术前住院观察

12. 免费术后复查

13. 术后家庭指导



1. 口服抗生素药(根据病例情况决定是否需要)

2. 伊丽莎白脖圈

3. 术后恢复食品



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