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Background:  Bred and reared as part of Peking University’s cat genome project (Chief: Dr. Shujin Luo, for more information, please go to to help identify the gene responsible for short tails in domestic cats. In this project healthy cats with desired traits (e.g. regular-length vs. short tails) were bred and kittens were adopted by various loving families in Beijing after 1cc blood were taken for genome sequencing. No surgeries, animal experiments, or drug injections has been executed on any of the cats. All cats are healthy, well taken care of at a clean and spacious facility designed for cats at PKU until they are adopted to their permanent homes. About 40 families have already adopted the cats! All of Er Hei's siblings have been adopted at about two months old and lived happily ever after and now he is ready for a permanent home and family to call my own!


Personality: Er Hei is an active and social, strictly indoor cat. Er Hei likes to be patted and rubbed on the chin and around his head. He gets along well with other cats and people!


Breed, Sex, Age: Er Hei is a three year old adorable boy who was born March 6, 2015. He is a male, domestic shorthaired brown tabby. 


Medical Notes:  Er Hei is very healthy and is up-to-date with vaccines, dewormed for intestinal parasites and already neutered.


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Post-adoption care: The International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS) has enrolled me into their Rescued/Stray/Rehomed Pet Adoption Benefits Program. ICVS will provide my new family with significant discounts (up to 50%) on my vaccinations and accompanying health examinations during the first year with my new adoption family.


Annual Vaccination Packages: ICVS has wonderful wellness and annual vaccination packages to keep me healthy and free of worms, fleas and ticks. All the vaccinations and deworming I need every year are included and the packages are discounted by 40-50%! The vaccination packages also include UNLIMITED EXAMINATIONS through out the year!  Please contact ICVS for more information.

Official Vaccination Certificate: With my next rabies vaccination, ICVS will issue my new family the official Beijing Animal Health and Immunity Certificate (e.g., vaccination red book) at no charge! I need the official vaccination red book to prove I have been legally and properly rabies vaccinated and to move to other cities or to leave China with my family.


Pet Import/Export Counselling: ICVS will provide my family with unlimited relocation counselling and accurate information to take me with them when it is time to move to another city or to another country.

Door-to-Door Pet Transport Service: ICVS can help my new family arrange for door-to-door car transport for my appointments at the hospital!

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Your donations support ICVS in helping pets like me and the many stray/rescued/abandoned/rehomed and shelter animals in our community. The pets receive world-class medical care, treatments, good nutrition and socialization with love and compassion that allows them to become healthy adoptable pets!

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