Chun Yan Sun, BVSc, MVSc, PhD, Senior Veterinary Surgeon and Medical Supervisor Print


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Chun Yan Sun, BVSc, MVSc, PhD (2017)


Dr. Sun has been in clinical practice as a small animal veterinarian since 2001. Dr. Sun has significant expertise in surgery, dentistry and internal medicine. Her medical research has focused in internal medicine, disease diagnostics and the effects of anesthesia on companion animals. Dr. Sun has also worked extensively with wildlife on a deer sanctuary in North East China, helping with difficult births to deliver foals by caesarean. Dr. Sun graduated with honors from Northeast Agricultural College where she received her Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree. Dr. Sun received a Master of Veterinary Science degree from Yunnan Agricultural University. Dr. Sun is a PhD candidate at China Agricultural University, graduating in 2017, and is completing her research and dissertation on the diagnosis and treatment of feline stomatitis, a severe and painful oral infection that affects many of our stray and domestic cats.



Dr. Sun completed the AO Foundation's AOVET Principles in Small Animal Fracture Management program in 2012, taught by Dr. Amy Kapatkin and distinguished veterinary orthopedic surgeons from the USA, Italy, UK and Sweden. Dr. Sun's professional interests include critical care, dentistry, internal medicine and orthopedic surgeries. A native of Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang province, Dr. Sun speaks Mandarin and English. In her leisure time, Dr. Sun enjoys sports and travel.