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Rabies Antibody Titre Testing Requirements for European Union and

Other Countries


Microchipping – The European Union and other countries and territories (e.g., Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Dubai, etc.) require that pets must be microchipped before

or on the same date as the rabies vaccination. Rabies vaccinations that

were administered BEFORE the insertion of the microchip will not be

considered as valid for the rabies antibody titre test required for pets

entering into the EU and other strict rabies control countries/territories:



  • ISO 11784/11785 standard microchips required by the EU and other countries

are available at the International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS)

  • Microchip insertion is a surgical procedure and should only be performed

by an experienced and professional veterinarian

  • ICVS has universal microchip scanners and provides FREE scans for

pets that are already microchipped to ensure readability.


Rabies vaccination performed at a legally designated animal

vaccination hospital in the PRC:

  • ICVS is an officially designated animal vaccination hospital in the PRC

and can administer rabies and all required vaccines for pets

  • The rabies vaccine must be administered at least 30-days before the

blood draw date for the rabies antibody titre test


Blood draw and serum separation for rabies antibody titre test:

  • Blood draw for rabies antibody titre test should be performed no sooner than 30-days AFTER the rabies vaccination
  • ICVS can perform the blood draw and prepare the serum separation (1.5 ml)

for the rabies antibody titre test

  • ICVS can help owners complete the rabies antibody titre testing at official

EU OIE authorized laboratories and provide express test results to the owner

in 2-3 weeks

  • Please contact ICVS to inquire about our comprehensive rabies

antibody titre testing services


Entry Date Into the European Union and other countries:

  • EU countries require that the animal must wait at least 90-days after

THE DATE OF THE BLOOD DRAW before the animal may enter into the EU

  • Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan require a waiting

period of at least 180-days after THE DATE OF THE BLOOD DRAW

before the animal may enter into these countries/territories

  • Please check with ICVS to confirm the waiting period before pets

may enter into your country of destination


European Union Veterinary Health Certificate:

  • An EU Veterinary Certificate is also required to be filled out by the

pet owner and stamped by the Beijing Quarantine Bureau’s Guang Shang

Animal Hospital at the time of the exit health examination required 7-days

before the animal’s departure

  • Please download the latest EU Veterinary Certificate at this link on the

EU web site (last section under “Document”):


ICVS can help pet owners begin the process with insertion of microchips

and the legal rabies vaccinations for pets. ICVS can issue the official

Beijing Animal Health and Immunity Certificate (vaccination red book)

within 3-business days after the rabies vaccination. The vaccination red

book is required by the PRC Entry-Exit Quarantine and Inspection

Bureau for all animals departing China or relocating to other cities

within China.


ICVS can perform the blood draw, prepare the serum sample and help

owners submit serum samples to officially authorized EU OIE

laboratories for the rabies antibody titre test.


ICVS is pleased to scan all microchipped pets for FREE with our

universal scanners. Please contact ICVS to schedule a free microchip

scan for your pet.


Please also review the “Exiting from China with Pets” information on the

ICVS web site to fulfill exit requirements for China:



Please contact ICVS by phone or email with any inquiries and

to schedule an appointment:

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