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 Happy cats, Billy & Mally, lounging in their new home.


It took a year, but Billy & Mally have found a new home and were adopted together by a wonderful British couple in Beijing. Placed in a boarding kennel in Shunyi in the summer of 2014, Billy & Mally’s family left for Qatar, thinking another family they had briefly spoken with would take them in for adoption. Plans for the new adoption family also changed and the cats were never adopted. They found themselves effectively abandoned at the kennel which was very far outside of the fifth ring road. With no outside visitors or foot traffic at the kennel, the chance for Billy and Mally to be visited by potential adoption families was almost nil.



ICVS learned of Billy & Mally and their plight in September 2014 and decided these beautiful 6-year old brothers deserved a chance to find a new home. All they needed was a little help! So ICVS sent a car and driver to pick up Billy and Mally and brought them back to the hospital. Billy & Mally were examined by their vets at ICVS who provided them with legal vaccinations, stool testing, FeLV/FIV testing, complete blood count and comprehensive biochemistry testing, deworming medication and flea and tick preventives. Billy & Mally had a clean bill of health and were lovely, gentle cats who were also good with small children.



As Billy & Mally had lived their entire lives together, they were closely bonded and we knew they had to be adopted together. So the campaign to adopt Billy & Mally began in October 2015. They spent several months living with ICVS volunteers who kindly fostered them in their homes. In October of 2016, Billy and Mally found their perfect match with a young British couple who had been considering adopting pets. ICVS invited the family to visit Billy & Mally and provided information on their background and health history, cat care, required vaccinations and how to take the cats overseas to the UK and any other countries that the family might relocate to in the future. The family and Billy & Mally are all doing well and very happy. The cats are deeply loved and have found their forever family in Beijing!




 The brothers are closely bonded and do everything together. Billy & Mally catch a cat nap in their new home.



 Billy offers emotional support while his new mom studies for Chinese language exams!



Billy and Mally are good groomers, keeping their long fur clean and tidy.



Billy investigates the bath and is relieved to find out that it is not for him!



Billy & Mally helping with the ironing.




Billy & Mally received examinations by Dr. Chris Brown, Australia's "Bondi Vet" when he was at ICVS filming an episode for the hit TV series!



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The original adoption ad for Billy & Mally is below.



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Beautiful brother cats, Billy and Mally, are hoping for a new home!



Name: Hi Everyone, we are two beautiful brother cats, Billy and Mally!



Background: Our family had to leave China and could not take us with them. They found an adoption family but at the last minute, the adoption family also had to leave China unexpectedly. We were left behind at a kennel in Shunyi and have been rescued and are at ICVS where you can visit us if you would like to adopt us!



Personality: We are beautiful, extremely gentle and sweet cats. We are strictly indoor and would be happiest as indoor cats with our new family.We hope to stay together as we have spent our entire lives living together as brothers.



Ideal home: We are fine with an individual owner, a couple or a family with older children (e.g., 12-years and older).  We have always lived together as brothers and wish to be adopted together!

Breed: We are beautiful long-haired cats. Billy is a pure white Turkish Angora and Mally is a black & white Turkish Van. We both have gorgeous yellow eyes!

Sex & Age: We are 6-year old male cats. We are still affectionate and playful kittens at heart!

Medical notes: We are healthy, neutered and were recently vaccinated in 2015.

Post-adoption care: The International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS) has enrolled us into their Rescued/Stray/Rehomed Pet Adoption Benefits Program. ICVS will provide our new family with significant discounts (up to 50%) on our  annual health examinations and vaccinations every year for life!

Official Vaccination Certificate:

With our next rabies vaccinations, ICVS will issue our new family an official Beijing Animal Health and Immunity Certificate (e.g., vaccination red book) at no charge! We need these official vaccination red books to prove we have been legally and properly rabies vaccinated. We must have these official vaccination red books in order to move to another city or to leave China with our family. 

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Your donations support ICVS in helping the many pets like Billy & Mally and the many stray/rescued/abandoned and shelter animals in our community. The pets receive medical care, treatments, good nutrition and socialization with love and compassion that allows them to become healthy adoptable pets!

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