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The official Beijing Government list of 40 Banned Breeds of Dogs in Beijing’s 8 Key Administrative Districts


A CCTV news report on the ban on large dogs in Beijing:


Call for flexibility on dog ownership regulations in Beijing to reflect changes in society, lifestyles and attitudes towards dogs - CCTV China 24 News video:


These breeds are banned in the 8 key administrative districts within Beijing Municipality:

-       Chaoyang District

-       Dongcheng District

-       Xicheng District

-       Chongwen District

-       Xuanwu District

-       Haidian District

-       Fengtai District

-       Shijingshan District


There are currently 40 banned breeds of dogs featured on the Beijing Government’s web site (


1. 斑点犬                          Dalmatian

2. 苏格兰牧羊                  Scottish Shepard (Collie)

3. 雪橇犬                          Sled Dog (Husky)

4. 松狮犬                           Chow Chow

5. 荷兰毛狮犬                   Keeshond

6. 秋田犬                           Akita

7. 长须牧羊犬                    Bearded Collie


8. 凯利蓝梗                        Kerry Blue Terrier

9. 牛头梗                           Bull Terrier

10. 伯德梗                         Border Terrier


11. 贝林登梗                     Bedlington Terrier


12. 纽芬兰犬                     Newfoundland


13. 英国斗牛犬                 English (British) Bulldog


14. 古典英国牧羊犬          Old English Sheepdog


15. 德国牧羊犬                  German Shepherd


16. 法兰德斯牧牛犬          Bouvier des Flandres


17. 比利时牧羊犬              Belgian Shepherd


18. 澳洲牧羊犬                  Australian Shepherd


19. 巴仙吉犬                      Basenji


20. 苏俄牧羊犬                  Borzoi


21. 灵缇                              Greyhound


22. 沙克犬                          Saluki


23. 爱尔兰猎狼犬              Irish Wolfhound


24. 寻血猎犬                      Bloodhound


25. 猎狐犬                          Foxhound


26. 阿富汗烈犬                  Afghan Hound


27. 雪达犬                          Setter


28. 威玛烈犬                      Weimaraner


29. 威斯拉犬                      Vizsla


30. 意大利布拉可犬          Bracco Italiano


31. 波音达猎犬                  Pointer


32. 拳师犬                         Boxer


33. 萨摩犬                         Samoyed


34. 罗威纳犬                     Rottweiler


35. 伯恩山犬                     Bernese Mountain Dog


36. 大白熊犬                     Great Pyrenees


37. 大丹犬                         Great Dane


38. 圣伯                             Saint Bernard


39. 德国杜宾犬                 German Doberman Pinscher


40. 獒犬                            Mastiff



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(Reprinted from June 22, 2013 article in THE NEW YORK TIMES)


A List of the Dogs Banned in Beijing



On Sept. 5, 2003, Beijing passed the overall regulation on dog breeding. The rule, which took effect on Oct. 15 that year, stipulated among other things that “large and vicious dogs” were not allowed in “key management areas” in Beijing. The rule defined those areas — the districts that make up the heart of the capital — but not the dog breeds.


Then, on Oct. 13, two days before the rule was set to take effect, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture, the authority in charge of husbandry and veterinary affairs, issued the definitive explanation notice on the banned breeds. “In key management areas, vicious dogs as well as dogs of maturity height over 35 centimeters are not allowed,” the announcement said. The notice excluded guide dogs for the blind and other similar helper dogs from the height restriction. The notice listed the following dogs as examples of those that were banned:


• Mastiff

• German pinscher

• St. Bernard

• Great Dane

• Great Pyrenees

• Bernese mountain

• Rottweiler

• Weimaraner

• Setters

• Afghan hound

• Foxhound

• Bloodhound

• Irish wolfhound

• Saluki

• Greyhound

• Borzoi

• Basenji

• Australian shepherd

• Belgian shepherd

• Bouvier des Flandres

• Bearded collie

• Scottish shepherd

• German shepherd

• Old English sheepdog

• British bulldog

• Chow chow

• Dalmatian

• Keeshond

• Japanese akita

• Newfoundland

• Sled dog

• Bedlington terrier

• Bull terrier

• Kerry blue terrier


© The New York Times, June 22, 2013






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