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The PRC Customs and Quarantine Bureau updated their pet import regulations which took effect on May 1, 2019. All pets arriving China will be quarantined for 30 days after arrival (*unless coming from a PRC designated rabies free country or area).


You may bring in one pet per human passport holder. 



There is now a process for applying for quarantine waiver. In order to receive a waiver of quarantine, your pets must have: 



  • Microchip insertion with EU ISO 11784/11785 microchip (record of the microchip insertion date should be provided)
  • Official record of TWO rabies vaccinations after the microchipping date
  • Most recent rabies vaccination must be within validity period for import and given at least 30 days before the blood draw date for the rabies antibody titre test
  • International travel health certificate from your originating country/area endorsed by an official government veterinarian (certificate must be valid within 14 days of arrival)
  • Official Rabies antibody titre test performed by an OIE laboratory approved by China’s Customs and Quarantine Bureau. Blood draw may be taken on the same day as the second (most recent) rabies vaccination, as long as the second rabies vaccination is given at least 30-days after the first rabies vaccination, and is still valid at time of blood draw
  • Only certain OIE laboratories are approved by China to perform the rabies antibody titre test for import. 
  • Please contact ICVS for more information on authorized laboratories and preparing your pet for import to China. 



*PRC designated rabies free countries and areas are: 



  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Fiji
  • French Polynesia
  • Hawaii
  • Guam
  • Jamaica 
  • Iceland
  • the United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Cyprus 
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Macao



If you will be quarantining your pet after arrival in China, please ensure you fly into Beijing or Shanghai.  Beijing and Shanghai have quarantine kennels. Other cities do not have quarantine kennels and are not approved ports of entry for dogs and cats requiring quarantine kenneling. Animals that do not meet quarantine waiver requirements arriving in cities without quarantine kennels will be turned back and in the worst case, the animal may be euthanized if flying back out is not possible. 



Please do not hesitate to contact the International Center for Veterinary Services with any questions on importing and exporting pets, microchipping, legal rabies vaccinations, rabies antibody titre testing,  pet registration requirements and any general health care concerns



ICVS carries ISO microchips manufactured in Germany that are compliant for all countries. If you are not in Beijing, we can ship you the German manufactured microchip and your local vet may insert. Please contact ICVS to schedule a microchipping appointment or to order a microchip. 



ICVS is pleased to help pet owners in China taking pets overseas and then returning to China! We can help you prepare for export to your destination country and how to fulfill PRC pet import with no quarantine on your return to China. Please contact ICVS for more information. 



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Below is the contact information for relocation companies that many pet owners have used to import and export pets. Please contact them directly to learn more about bringing your pet into China. While many pet owners may choose to handle the import process themselves, it is still recommended that owners call or send an email to these relocation experts. Relocation companies may also help you determine the best route for transporting your pets and any flight restrictions imposed by airlines on the transport of live animals.



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