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Protecting Puppies & Kittens with Vaccinations PDF Print E-mail



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Protecting Puppies & Kittens with Vaccinations


Our puppies and kittens need to be vaccinated to protect them against infectious diseases

that they may be exposed to in their daily routines. Vaccination is particularly essential

in China, as the pet population is largely unvaccinated at this time. A low vaccination

rate means that thereis a higher rate of infectious disease within pets in China. We

recommend vaccinating all pets against rabies and distemper yearly.  The distemper

combination vaccine protects against a distemper virus and several other infectious

diseases. Our recommendation for yearly vaccinations extends to both indoor cats

and dogs that rarely go outside.


Vaccination & Preventative Healthcare Package- Dogs PDF Print E-mail

Vaccination & Preventative Healthcare Package for Dogs – RMB 890.00



*Regular retail price = RMB 1485.00. Package provides a savings of more than 40%!


ICVS Vaccination & Preventative Healthcare Package for Dogs



Annual Rabies vaccination and physical examination


Annual Canine Distemper vaccination and physical examination


Kennel Cough (Bordetella) Vaccination

KC 犬滴鼻

Deworming (one Drontal Plus tablet)

体内驱虫 (一粒拜宠物清)

Stool check


Ear Mite Slide and Cytology


Ear Cleaning


Official Rabies Vaccination & Immunity Certificate



























  • Dogs must be older than 12-months of age and less than 10 KG.
  • 小狗年龄须12个月以上,体重10kg以下方可使用此套餐
  • Additional oral deworming medication is available at RMB 60.00 for every

additional 10KG of body weight.

  • 10kg以上的狗按体重收取药费
  • Booster vaccinations not included in package price and are charged additionally.
  • 套餐不包含疫苗加强用,疫苗加强需另收
  • The package is valid for 12-months from date of purchase.
  • 小狗年龄须12个月以上,体重10kg以下方可使用此套餐
  • The package is not refundable and cannot be transferred.
  • 套餐用不能退不能转让
  • Package items cannot be exchanged or substituted for other products or services.
  • 套餐不能用于取其他服
  • Pet owner is responsible for ensuring vaccinations and deworming

treatments are up to date, and to make use of any products or services

they are entitled to under the plan before the expiration date.

  • 畜主有任按时带宠物打疫苗和接受虫并每月使用
  • This package cannot be used with other offers.
  • 不可与其他活一同使用
  • ICVS reserves the final right to define the terms of the package.
  • 北京新天地国际动物医院有限公司保留随取消和限定此
































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