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 ICVS has completed an all new renovation and is pleased to share our new look and new facilities!




The new front office and reception area at ICVS.





Airy and bright open spaces for pets and their owners when visiting the hospital. 





A comprehensive line of legally registered and SAFE pet foods are available at ICVS.





 ICVS has separate "dog" and "cat" examination rooms to maximize comfort while reducing stress for pets and their owners.





Multiple examination rooms allow pets and their families to be seen as quickly as possible after arriving for appointments at ICVS.





Bright and clean examination rooms are sterilized after every use to ensure the health and safety of all pets and their families. 





ICVS is fully equipped with Blue Air and Airgle  air purifiers and Aquasana water filters throughout the facility. Our latest air and water purifier installations are part of the ICVS commitment to provide the best environment possible for your beloved pet family members while under our care.





A huge selection of pet accessories, toys, treats and IATA compliant pet travel crates and carriers are available at ICVS.



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The NEW ICVS Grooming Salon is now open!


img 6283


Bright, clean grooming facilities are equipped with Aquasana Shower Filters to maintian soft and moisturized skin, while keeping your pet's fur beautiful and luxurious. 



img 6272


Bathing tubs, scissors, clippers and all grooming equipment are sterilized after each use in line with the rigorous hygiene standards at ICVS.



img 6515


BEFORE: Little Bichon Frise, Bing Gun, came in for a much needed grooming and make over. The dry and dusty Beijing weather means regular grooming is essential for maintaining good health and hygiene of our beloved pets.


img 6518


AFTER: A fresh, clean and beautifully groomed Bing Gun after his makeover at ICVS! All grooming appointment pets also receive a complimentary physical examination and consultation with an ICVS veterinarian, keeping them in the best of health, year-round!



Schedule your grooming appointment for your pets at ICVS:

Tel: (010) 8456-1930/1940

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NEW Location in Wangjing:

No. 13-16 Rong Ke Gan Lan Cheng Shang Jie

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